13 Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

As the bridal shower party planner, you’ll want to plan a shower that accentuates and celebrates your bride-to-be’s personality. To begin, list everything that you can think of that describes her. Maybe she loves wine, maybe she loves gardening, maybe she’s a homebody and can’t wait to decorate, or maybe she’s just super-excited about her honeymoon. Any personality trait that fits the bride will be helpful as you decide on a theme for her party. Once you have your list in hand, use these Bridal Shower Theme Ideas to help plan the perfect celebration.

Wine and Cheese Tasting Shower
If the bride loves wine, arrange an afternoon or evening of wine tasting. Hold the shower at the bride’s favorite winery or someone’s house, and include different kinds of wine and add cheese for guests to sample. Shower gifts might include wine, wineglasses or other wine-themed gifts.

Makeover Shower
Inviting a small group of friends to the shower? Invite a makeup consultant to do makeovers. Gifts for the bride might include lovely lotions, nail polishes, facial creams and body washes.

Naughty & Nice Shower
If the bride is all about fun and games, have each guest bring one naughty gift for the bride’s honeymoon, and one nice (normal) bridal shower gift. All of the naughty gifts can be collected and placed in a satin pillowcase for use on honeymoon night.

Stock the Bar Shower
Ask guests to bring their favorite alcoholic beverages and/or mixers to help the bride stock her bar. For a stress-free, mess-free time, consider holding this shower at the bride’s favorite bar or restaurant.

Lingerie Shower
If the bride and her guests aren’t shy, why not plan a lingerie party? You can set the mood with candles, cocktails and chocolates, and ask each of the guests to bring a gift of lingerie for the bride.

Patio Shower
If you’re having a couple’s party, host an outdoor patio shower! Fire up the barbecue, entertain outside, and have guests bring a gift for the couple’s patio.

Home Improvement Shower
This shower is great for the do-it-yourself couple! Even the man-of-the-house will appreciate the gifts when guests give you tools and supplies to fix up your home or apartment. If you don’t know exactly what the bride and groom need, request gift cards to their favorite stores.

Kitchen Shower
Have your guests bring their favorite recipe and a gift for the kitchen. Have the guests’ recipe “match” the type of gift they’re bringing. If they bring a recipe for a cake, cake pans are in order. If the recipe were for soup, a stockpot would be the perfect gift.

Stock the Pantry Shower
Similar to the kitchen shower, the pantry shower will get the bride and groom ready to get things cooking! Have your guests bring their favorite recipe and all the dry ingredients needed to make it.

Garden Shower
The bride-to-be is an avid gardener? Hold a garden party! Gifts for the bride and groom might include a variety of plants or gardening tools. Not sure what to buy? Gift cards from a local nursery would be great. Or…how about having a tree planted in the couple’s yard (or in a pot, if they don’t have a home yet)?

Honeymoon Shower
Whether it’s an exotic beach location, a camping trip or a different locale, a honeymoon shower should celebrate the couple’s honeymoon destination. Gifts should follow the theme, so let guests know what the couple’s needs are for travel. Luggage would be a great gift for this type of shower, as well as gift cards for the bride’s favorite boutiques.

Pajama Party Shower
Want a girl’s night in? Have a pajama party…complete with P.J.s! Everyone should arrive in their cutest pajamas and bring gifts to pamper the bride. Activities might include manicures, pedicures, facials and massages.

Scrapbooking Shower
Have your guests get creative by bringing photos, recipes and other memorabilia of their friendship with the bride. Provide each guest with a blank page or two of the scrapbook to decorate as they wish. The bride will end up with a great book of memories!