An Overview of Indian Industry of Catering Services

An Overview of Indian Industry of Catering Services

Catering services have been an important sector of the countries like the United States. More than 8,000 catering companies in the USA record the annual revenue of more than $7 billion. The trend has been slowly growing in India, but it has recently adopted a fast-paced growth due to many reasons.

India is a country where numerous festivals and ceremonies are held in the form of important events. So, the scope of the catering industry in such a country is worth taking a note. The catering industry in the country is finally extending its reach beyond marriages and the Indian catering service providers are enjoying the good time. Here is an overview of the catering industry in India.

The catering services industry in India has been consistently growing at the annual growth rate of 15 to 20 percent. In 2009, the industry attained the worth of INR 15,000 crore. The good aspect about the Indian catering industry is that it didn’t bear any major negative effects during the period of recession. So, what are the reasons for the consistent growth rate enjoyed by the Indian catering industry?

Interest in Catering Services
The members of the Indian families usually took care of different arrangements during a social gathering or an event. This trend is fast being replaced by the people’s interest in hiring catering services. This often results in better arrangements and opportunity for everyone in the family to enjoy the function.

Cross-region Specialties
Earlier, an event taking place in a family belonging to a particular region of India used to have cuisines preferred in that region. But, the scene has changed today, all thanks to the popularity of catering service providers. Now, a wedding taking place in Punjab has South Indian dishes in its menu. Cuisines from Gujarat, Bengal and other Indian states are included in the menu cards all over the country. This encourages people to hire the professional catering services.

Catering Institutes
It is indeed surprising to watch the growing number of hotel management and catering institutes in all parts of the country. Above all, the students are taking interest in joining the professional courses to make a career in the industry. So, the future of catering industry in India is going to be even better than the present situation.

Corporate Culture
Apart from the social gatherings and festive occasions, the formal events, seminars, conferences and other business related events consider professional catering services to add to the success of these events.

Family Style Restaurant
Restaurant based catering services too have improved in the country in the past few years. People, who are earning well in various fields and who have started living higher standards of life, prefer to choose dining venues with professional catering services.

The festival season of October and November in India is among the best times for the catering companies. Though, the industry doesn’t rest for the remaining part of the year as well. Going further, the presentation and decoration used by the professional caterers further make them popular for various types of events. All of the aforesaid reasons justify the consistency in the Indian catering industry growth rate.