Baby Blankets and Baby Shower Games

Baby Blankets and Baby Shower Games

It’s time to party for a baby shower. This festive party time makes a great theme for any baby shower since there are so many things you can do to tie for the party. Celebrating the anticipated arrival of a couple’s first child is an important event that takes Baby shower games are almost a necessity for this very special occasion. You can find a lot of entertaining and fun activities that will keep your guests occupied throughout the event.

So you’ve gotten the job of planning a shower for someone who is expecting. This is both an exciting and frustrating thing. It’s wonderful knowing that you get to share in the joy of such an important occasion, but with all the details to take care of, it can become overwhelming very quickly. There are many things to consider including the invitations, the food and the baby shower games.

Many people who host these occasions may find that choice is a great thing. However, it can be pretty difficult deciding which baby shower games to choose and it may be a little tricky deciding how many activities to incorporate into the afternoon. There are a handful of ways to make the task a little easier.

When it comes to the invitations and the food for the shower it’s best to consider what the mom-to-be would like. If it’s a surprise shower, you’ll have to put some extra thought into this. If she is well aware that it’s happening, you have the luxury of asking her what she’d enjoy. This makes the job much easier. When it comes to the baby shower games there are resources that you can turn to for help as well, and one of those is the Internet.

Many websites have dozens of ideas that will help someone planning any type of shower, be it wedding or baby. This includes many different baby shower games that are fun for everyone attending including the expectant mom and the guests. One of the baby shower games that have been popular for decades is a word search. The type of word search puzzle that you’ll use for a baby shower will include words that focus on an infant. With baby shower games where the participants have to complete a task, like puzzles, you can have a prize for whoever finishes first. This gives everyone a little extra push to do their best.

Try choosing baby shower games that are timed. This is the ideal approach to keeping a tight schedule during the party. There are plenty of activities that have a definite beginning, middle and end. These baby shower games usually do require a timer to help them along.

A great baby shower to play for example is you could have the guests list as many songs that have the word “baby” in the title as they can. You want the activity to take about 10 minutes to complete from beginning to end. Consider the couple minutes it takes to give directions and pass out the pages when scheduling the baby shower games.

The guests have about 3 to 5 minutes to come up with as many songs as they can. The time is at your discretion but I do lean more towards 3 minutes unless there are a large number of guests. Baby shower games usually take a little longer to complete when there are more people playing.

Another really fun idea that many new moms particularly enjoy involves baby food. The host purchases several different types of baby food and places them each in small dishes. With a few plastic spoons for tasting, each guest must sample the infant delicacies and write down what they think it is. Before you play baby shower games that involve food be certain that no one is allergic to anything that is in the products. You certainly don’t want to cause any discomfort to your guests during the baby shower games.

Finally the new mom is really the center of attention on this special day so why not devise a task just for her? One of the baby shower games that will put the expectant one on the spot is a dress the baby game. Here she will be blindfolded and given a plastic doll along with the various items one needs to dress an infant including a diaper, some booties and a Baby Blanket Then she’s twirled around a couple of times and left to dress the baby, all while her eyes are covered. This may be embarrassing for the soon to be mom but it certainly entertains everyone at the shower including the new grandmas who may just decide upon seeing the results of the dress-up game that they need to play nanny for a few weeks after the delivery.

Some baby shower games can take more time no matter how many guests you have. Baby bingo is a great idea that requires nothing more than some pens, blotters or markers and papers with grids. Guests fill in the squares with presents that they believe the mom-to-be will receive.

As the gifts are opened, the guests mark off the items on their pages. The first one to get a “bingo” wins a prize. This is one of the longer baby shower games to play but it is a fun activity that will keep everyone occupied. You can also opt to have more than one winner for this activity.

Speaking of winners, baby shower games should also have prizes. The winning guests can choose from grab bags or the attendants can hand out presents as the baby shower games end.

Not only this, but a baby shower is also an opportunity to pamper the guest of honor. Once the new baby joins the family, it may take the new parents a considerable amount of time, money and effort indulge in greeting and partying with the baby showers guests. So, instead of burdening them further with more responsibilities. Why not treat them so something special?