Caring Tips For Your Platinum Engagement Ring

Caring Tips For Your Platinum Engagement Ring

Most engagement rings are made from precious metals like platinum and gold and are likely to scratch over time. This is because these metals are soft and hence are likely to have scratches on them. However, the more careful and gentle you are, the milder the scratches will be.

Often your engagement ring makes contact with some household and work items which are made from hard metals and are likely to cause scratches. Although these are micro-scratches and are not easily noticed, however, with the passage of time, the surface of the gold or platinum takes on a dull effect.

It is the bottom of the ring on the inside of the hand that is most likely to have scratches and damage as it is always having the most contacts with other items like desks and door knobs from everyday use.

Of course not wearing your engagement ring to avoid micro scratches is simply out of question. However, there is no need to worry about the light scratches as they can be easily removed with a light polish by your jeweler. Actually, almost all marks on platinum or gold (as well as other heavy metals) could be easily removed by an experienced jeweler.

Jewelry Care and Safety Tips

You should not wear your engagement ring while doing gardening. There are good chances of sand and soil scratching the precious metal. Also the possibility of accidentally burying and losing the ring is quite high. Always put your jewelry in a safe place in your home as long as you are working in the garden.

You should never wear your rings or other jewelry when using tools, especially when you are using power-tools. This has more to do with your safety. Scratches may occur on the ring by hand tools without you noticing.

Never wear rings while swimming in public pools or at the beach as there are good possibilities of them slipping off your finger without you noticing. This results as cold water shrinks your fingers and they become more slippery. The largest cases of lost rings is reported to have occurred while swimming and other water sports.

Remove your engagement ring during shower as it can fall off and get damaged or worse still, go down the drain. There are also the chances of any precious stone on the ring dropping out from the impact and washing down the drain.

Maintaining Platinum’s Metal Luster

Prepare a mild solution of warm soapy water and soak the platinum ring. Then scrub it softly using a soft-bristled brush.

How often to clean the Engagement Ring?

You can clean your engagement ring everyday without any damage done to it. But for the cost and convenience, ensure that you clean it not more than once a week. It is also recommended to take your ring to the jeweler every six months for a check-up. If there is any loosening of precious stone due to wear and tear, you jeweler should be able to fix it well.