Choosing a Style for Your Personalized Cartoon Wedding Koozies

Choosing a Style for Your Personalized Cartoon Wedding Koozies

If you are having a less formal or casual wedding then a cartoon wedding koozie can be a great choice for your personalized wedding favor, being both fun, functional and very flexible! In fact, there’s so much choice of different cartoon styles it can be tricky to try choose from the myriad of designs that are out there, so just to help, we have put together some of the very best concepts to inspire you.

Simple Cartoon Wedding Koozies

Very simple drawings or sketches work brilliantly, but with subtle clues by a talented designer even a stick figure can be made to represent the bride and groom with ease! Subtle changes of respective height or hairstyle are common requests and props are another quick way of making a cartoon figure more like you too. Cowboy hats and boots, fishing rods or surf boards are popular choices – and ones that will have your guests chuckling! Other ideas you can look at with stick figures is putting them in cars or other vehicles to change things up a bit, or add a wedding cake into the mix.

Of course a simple sketch does not have to be of the bride and groom – if you do not think that would work for you why not look at other ideas such as a line drawing of a wedding car with ‘just married’ on the back or maybe some silhouettes of some other icons to represent you, like two love birds in a tree?

Filled or ‘cell-shaded’ Wedding Koozies

A step up from line drawn cartoon wedding koozies are the filled or colored type. With these you can start to choose colors of the hair, eyes and clothes of your digital (and then print) representations. Good designers will be able to also adjust hair styles as well as color – making length and cut match those in a photo that can be sent in by email. When adding a bit of color to your cartoon it opens up a lot more choices of styles that can work – from the really simple to more elegant, stylized types. Each one is able to edited to match your looks of course! It is just a matter of preference.

Some of the best designs can just be a black and white style drawing or even just a silhouette. Try and ask your koozie designers if they can outline you and your partner from a photo with a great pose and just add accents to suit.

Anime (Manga) Style Wedding Koozies

Ever fancied yourself being an anime character then these designs are just for you – characterised by beautiful shading and large eyes these illustrations look great on anything, let alone your wedding Koozies! Again suppliers with strong in-house design teams will be able to adapt template designs to look more you and your partner. Quick and simple is just changing the hair and eye color, and also the color of the grooms suit and tie ensemble. Taking a little more time will be changing hair styles and length – due to the complexity of these types of illustration some suppliers may charge a small fee for this service, but they are great between option for those that do not want a full caricature.

Draw-it-yourself Wedding Koozies

A current popular trend is for couples that are thinking of getting married is to either draw themselves, or get a friend to draw them in a simplistic and casual style. The drawing might be either realistic (but not a high quality caricature, try tracing a photograph scanned into an art package carefully) or very simplistic – the key of course is to make sure which ever one you choose that it easily recognisable. The easy way to do this is to accentuate things about you that people associate with you. Do have a nose that is on the sharp side – let your imagination go with it! It will look great, and things that good on paper will look even better once they are scanned in and printed onto the real thing! Remember that you can have lots of goes at getting things right – and if you get one person right on one drawing, and the other person right on another drawing most designers will be able to join the two good drawings on the one koozie.

When drawing you characters use white paper and a dark ink, black is best. That way it will be easier to ‘isolate’ your drawing and manipulate it later on a computer. If you complete your drawing in this manner, black pen can be easily changed into white pen if you’d prefer a dark colored background for your Koozie.

Caricature Wedding Koozies

The creme de la creme of the cartoon wedding Koozie is the caricature. Caricatures can be completed by talent friend or family member, but also there are several online services that can help too. Some of the bigger Koozie suppliers will have their own in-house caricature artist too. The great thing about online artists is that you can have a look at their portfolio first, so you can choose an illustrator that looks most likely to be able to render you and your loved one in a style that you’ll be happy with sharing with your friends and family on your wedding day! Lots of caricature artists go for the exaggerated heads style you are sure to be familiar with, but many will bring things back a little and produce something less amplified if you like.

Most caricatures start with a short brief of what you’d like and a couple of photos. Some brides like to attach a picture of the wedding dress they are going to be wearing so that can be incorporated – as well as shots of hairstyles they are intending to have on the day. Done well, these caricatures can really raise a smile, and many Koozie suppliers will let you have the original artwork too. Printed out, this makes a great addition into the wedding album!

A compromise if you cannot, or do not, want to go as far as a full caricature is a blend of an existing template and a photo of you and your partners heads. This sounds possibly a bit strange, but with a bit of photo editing wizardry the result can be really, really good!