Destination Wedding Etiquette

The wedding is all set for romantic and enchanting on the isolated island, great hideaway, mountain alpines, and panoramic castles. Here is list of etiquette for proper manner and behavior on destination wedding.

The bride and groom spend a large amount of funds for the lovely wedding. It is only natural that guests give a wedding gift to help the couple to the new life. Many times, the bride and groom already have most of the wedding gifts. The couple may want cash as wedding gifts.

The wedding gift registry may subtly give the guests the ideas for the wedding gift in which the couple wishes to receive. The wedding gift registry makes it easy for the guests to figure what the couple needs. In times, the guests give duplicate wedding gifts. The couple can exchange or replace the wedding gifts.

To ask for cash as wedding gifts may be a little embarrassing. The presentation only on the wedding invitation may give the hint to the guests that the couple needs cash as wedding gift.

There are times when the couple cancels or annuls the wedding. The wedding gifts that the couple receives must be return to the guests.

Sometimes, the couple will receive gifts from out of town. That guest might send a wedding gift to the couple. So, the gift may come earlier than the wedding. The wedding gifts must only be open or use after the wedding.

For the destination wedding, the couple must give at least three months in advance to the guests. So, there is enough time for the guests to prepare for the destination wedding. Many employers like to receive vacation requests two months in advance.

The couple must make it easy for the guests to get to the destination wedding. So, the couple must help them find the accommodation and transportation. Look for group rates and discount.

The guests are expected to pay for their own accommodation and transportation. The save the date card tells the hint to the guests to pay for their own accommodation and transportation. In the card, it says the special event location.

The general rule is to invite only the guests for bridal showers who are invited to the wedding and reception. As you know, the destination wedding is smaller wedding with fifteen to twenty guests than the hundred to hundred fifty guests of traditional wedding.

However, the couple may also set up a late wedding reception after they came from destination wedding. This is for the guests who could not make to the destination wedding. Jetlag may overcome the newly husband and wife. So, the couple can set the late wedding reception two weeks after they came destination wedding.

Always greet the guests to the wedding, airport, or reception. Now, the couple may be busy. The couple can ask the bestman, groomsmen, maid of honor, and bridesmaids to greet the guests for them. Especially, the guests hardly know the destination.

Write an itinerary for the guests. So, the guests can make plans to enjoy the extra time in the destination. After all, the guests are on their vacation.

It is important to look good in the destination wedding. The couple can take an extra six hours of sleep to avoid jetlag before the wedding. The caffeine pills can also help reduce the affect of jetlag. Also, the couple must come a lot earlier to prepare for the wedding.