Don’t Hire Your Wedding Master Of Ceremonies Without First Reading This

Don’t Hire Your Wedding Master Of Ceremonies Without First Reading This

Who has the skill to bring all the guests together as one in an organized and entertaining way without being overbearing or appearing nervous?

Who will acknowledge the bridal party with the right amount of style and enthusiasm, pronounce all their names correctly while in the same moment introduce the bride and groom with confidence, continue to make announcements with elegance and wit, and co-ordinate all the other reception rituals right throughout the night?

Up to now, couples looked through their guest list and gingerly offered the role to the person who was the most ‘out-going’ or extroverted – or has some experience with a microphone; and then hoped for the best.

This is not a great option when you are talking about an event that has taken months to prepare, requires many different skill sets (right and left brain working overtime) and a cool head under pressure i.e. no matter how bad things get, an MC can never ever show themselves as angry or stressed.

Unfortunately, the practice of using an acquaintance to MC has lead to embarrassing situations and forever fractured friendships.

To help the bride and groom, a guest might innocently volunteer themselves to MC. They might personally desire the experience for recognition’s sake – the entertainer lurking within might be finally ‘discovered’ after all these years! This has TITANIC written all over it.

But couples worry about offending their friend by saying “Thanks but No Thanks” to this kind offer. The personal aspect of having someone familiar to MC their reception also tempts them; plus they could save some cash. These people are much better utilized as guest speakers instead.

One way a couple can tactfully discourage an untried friend who has offered to MC is to point out the many important responsibilities that are involved in the role. These include no alcohol, limited opportunity to dance and socialize, plus the considerable preparation time needed prior to the day.

(At this point, it is worth remembering that there is only ever one chance to get it right at a wedding reception – so risking your success with an untried friend is dangerous)

A guest who is ‘flamboyant’ does not automatically qualify as someone who can also think clearly on their feet when the pressure is on. Besides the spontaneity required, the MC needs to still keep smiling while also coping with the myriad of duties and tasks – all within a strict time-frame.

If it has not been done before many times, the role of a Master of Ceremonies can be very stressful; especially if the timing is interrupted by the food service taking longer than expected – as is likely with any live function.

In other words, its like a juggler keeping all the balls in the air without dropping any, riding a tricycle in a figure 8 and telling jokes at the same time he’s collecting donations from the audience. Most of us would struggle to do one of these tasks successfully, let alone four of them collectively AND make it look easy!

So why you would make your friend ‘work’ at your wedding reception? Well from now on, you don’t have to. There is an stylish solution to this world-wide problem that is becoming the norm at all modern weddings.

One important point to be made here is this: the MC does not need to know the bride and groom personally in order to perform their job correctly. That is like saying that the photographer, florist, caterer and musicians should all need to be related to the bride and groom somehow otherwise the reception might not have meaning?

The misconception that a friend needs to MC a wedding because it is an intimate setting has been perpetuated by the ‘invisibility’ of professional MC. Where do you go to find one? Well, finally there is now an elegant answer to that question. A win-win for all that can be revealed here and now…

Enter the professional multilingual wedding agency. Experienced public speakers, well-known actors, professional TV compere and presenters plus many multilingual specialists – who are all trained via the MC Academy – are now available to make your wedding reception a guaranteed success.

You can expect your professional wedding master of ceremonies to be friendly, helpful, punctual, appropriate, tactful, organized, immaculate, polite, well-spoken, relaxed, affable, and skilful – not skinful.

Correct pronunciation, detailed preparation, advice on speeches, confidence, enthusiasm and class are all part of the package when the professional Master of Ceremonies steps in to co-ordinate every aspect of your important event.

A great MC will enable the bride and groom to relax and have maximum time with their guests as well as manage all the other professionals such as the hungry photographer or busy DJ.

Multilingual MC are popular because they can speak to many guests on a cultural level. A professional will be sensitive to different customs and weave them effortlessly into the theme of the night.

You only get one chance to get it right so consider using a professional MC and avoid ending up on “The World’s Funniest Wedding Bloopers”.