Essential Event Photography Software

Essential Event Photography Software

There is no such thing as the definitive piece of event photography software, event photographers use what suits them best and the choice is as individual as the style of their photography, so just what are event photographers using?

Express Digital

Without a doubt the only PC software to be designed from the ground up to suit the work of Event Photographers is Express Digital that comes in a number of versions, 2 of which are the Core and Pro versions. Core is a standalone version that allows the use of Chroma-Key (Green Screen), templates for Logo overlays right up to complete magazine covers. There is basic image editing available and it easily integrates with Photoshop for more advanced editing.

On the business front you can design print packages and set pricing, a fully integrated system. One of the major advantages is that in minutes virtually anybody can be taught the basic functionality that they need to know to start selling your event photography images. It is possible to use a multiple monitor setup whereby the customer just sees the Image and the operator can see all their tools. Built in FTP, use of Hot Folders as well as in-built camera tethering mean that you will never be short of a way of getting images into the program.

The nearest that you can get to this designed specifically for the Apple MAC is TEPS-X

Adobe Lightroom

With the release of version 3 this is becoming extremely popular with a number of event photographers. It is possible to set up a second monitor system similar to express digital as well as the ability to configure print packages and different page layouts. Whilst you cannot create a magazine template you can easily configure it to overlay a corporate logo.

Lightroom has one of the best auto white balance tools there is and if shooting under difficult conditions such as indoor equestrian all it takes is one click to quickly sort things out. This is where Lightroom scores over many other programs, the power and accuracy of its editing tools are second to none. Want a specific image effect, then just create one or download one of the many available.

There are other tools incorporated such as auto import and the ability to keyword as the image is imported along with the ability to setup all sorts of level of image export which is ideal for supplying digital media.

Looking for something similar for a MAC then look at Aperture or Fotostation that is available for both Windows and MAC.


If you want simplicity and you want it for free then you may just be surprised at the ease with which you can integrate this FREE piece of software into your workflow. This does exactly what is required for many event photographers and whilst it lacks the whistles and bells of the expensive paid for software it is very effective. Do you require to crop, or quickly change to black and white or boost the contrast, well it can do that with ease. Available in both Windows and MAC versions.


The big daddy of Image Processing also has its place in event photography. The real trick is knowing how to harness the power quickly and effectively for general use whilst leaving the power of a steam hammer to crack the difficult problems. Photoshop users have always used shortcut keys to speed up the workflow but hidden away is the ability to program the function keys – set these up for quick access to the functions you need and you are on your way. There is no other program to touch it when it comes to recovering images but hopefully as a good event photographer such incidents will be few and far between.


When it comes to getting the image to the computer then filezilla is one of the most commonly used FTP server programs that will allow easy connection with a wireless transmitter. As a free piece of software it does the job perfectly. Filezilla is also available as an FTP client if you just want to upload images to a website or server.

There are many similar programs such as Blackmoon FTP or Cute FTP.

Green Screen Wizard

A number of programs offer built in Chroma Key (Green Screen) such as Express Digital or TEPS-X but none of these is as powerful as a dedicated piece of software such as Green Screen Wizard. It is possible to create complete magazine templates including a number of under-laid and overlaid layers. Recent additions have included the ability to add in realistic shadows and an automated events mode.

A well respected alternative is FX Pro

Boot Camp

Like the idea of running PC software on your Apple MAC then what you need is an emulator and there is probably nothing simpler than using Boot Camp which is included with recent versions of Apple MAC operating systems.

Have an older MAC OS then look at Parallels

Breeze Systems

Not a single piece of software but a collection of programs written by Chris Breeze that includes Downloader Pro, a utility that enables a photographer to automatically download, organize, and rename images and image data. There are various pieces of software such as Nikon DSLR Control and Canon DSLR Control (DSLR Remote Pro) which allow the control of a DSLR via a computer or Hotfolder Prints that will automatically print any images loaded into the selected folder. Add to this BreezeBrowser Pro which is an image viewing editing and viewing utility and you have a comprehensive collection that can be employed in various workflows.