Fact & Fiction About Wedding – Bridal Shower Party Favors

Fact & Fiction About Wedding – Bridal Shower Party Favors

As wedding events get more and more sophisticated, more and more questions are arising about, not just the wedding, but events related to the wedding. For instance, the wedding shower. What are the proper ins and outs of hosting one? How do you separate truth from fiction? For starters, you read this guide. We’ll attempt to show you what’s fact and what’s fiction regarding the purchase of wedding showers and especially wedding shower party favors. First, it’s fiction that you don’t really have to hold a shower for the bride. The fact is that, except for the smallest weddings, it’s expected that the maid of honor will hold this special party to commemorate the bride’s upcoming nuptials. In a few cases, the hosting chores can fall onto someone else but usually it’s assumed that the maid of honor will hold this duty.

Another bit of fiction is that you have to try to impress people with the extravagance of the wedding shower party favors that you’re offering. The fact is that sometimes the smaller gifts do an even better job at the things that these favors are supposed to accomplish. Remember that the true function of bridal shower party favors is to remind the person in years to come, in a practical way, of this special day and the special couple who came together in marriage. And so the favors should be something functional (so that the guests don’t throw them away soon after getting them), and they should somehow point the person’s mind back to the couple’s wedding. Many items can perform these functions, including candles, key rings, chocolates, wine glasses, gift bags, and so forth. If it’s small, memorable, “keepable,” and can somehow convey the message that two friends joined together in marriage “way back when,” then it can be a suitable favor.

There is also the fiction that bridal shower party favors are just those cheap gifts you give out during tacky games at the shower. While you probably will want to include some gifts as prizes for these events, more people prefer to give a token of appreciation to every guest.

One prevailing fiction is that you have to spend a small fortune to buy your wedding shower party favors. However, if these people are truly friends, they’re going to understand that you can’t spend a fortune. In fact, you don’t need to. There are many good ideas for wedding shower party favors that will set you back no more than 50 cents to a few dollars per guest. For this price you can normally buy favors that will be both memorable and practical–and you can do it without spending your life savings in the process. One of the best sources for affordable wedding shower party favors: online stores.

And our final bit of fiction: The best favor ideas are those which your friends had at their shower. While this can be true, it’s not always true. Remember that you want to try to be different and unique. And most importantly, if you have a shower theme, you’ll want to try to tie the favors in with the theme. Just because your sister had a really neat idea for bridal shower party favors doesn’t mean it will fit with your theme. A better source of ideas: Do an Internet search on wedding shower party favors. You’ll be inundated with hundreds of ideas. You can surely find something there that you can customize to fit your needs.