Fix Error 1335 Of MS Office – Resolve Microsoft Office Error 1335 From PC!

Fix Error 1335 Of MS Office – Resolve Microsoft Office Error 1335 From PC!

Installation errors are very common thing that is thrown when user try to install any application or program. Similar to that ‘Error 1335‘ is also an error that is displayed when user tries to install either Microsoft Office XP or Microsoft Office 2000. This error is related to the installation files and program which is required at the time of installation which are not found.

What caused the Error 1335?

As this error is generally displayed at the time of installing the MS Office versions, some of the error messages that appears related to this are as follows –

Error 1335-Cannot copy cab file The file may be corrupt.

If users try to install MS Office in Safe mode then he/she may encounter below mentioned error message –

The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in Safe mode or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed.

Among various causes of this error message dirty media, CD ROM issues, problems related to the memory allocations etc. can also cause this error to flash. Inaccessibility to the program setup from the CD-ROM, virus invasions and registry errors can also flash this error message. So, this error needs to be fixed in order to install MS Office properly and get rid of this issue.

How to fix Error 1335?

As a first step to resolve this issue user first need to check for the damaged MS Office installation CD. If the CD is damaged or is scratched then the CD becomes unreadable and CD-ROM will not be able to read it. So, check the installation CD first and if it is damaged or scratched then try to replace it and use fresh copy of it.

In second step to resolve this issue if the error message is thrown when it cannot extract the cabinet file then the cabinet (.cab) file must be compressed which need to be decompressed first. Not only that at times this (.cab) file also gets damaged and corrupt which makes the contents stored in it unreadable as well. So, at that point of time user need to manually extract those file so that the file system can read and use it properly for the installation.

As we all know that in Windows system ‘Registry’ is the central database of all the files and folders that install in it. So, cleaning and repairing the registry will certainly help user to open up the knot which is obstructing the smooth working of Windows Registry. So, just use a good registry cleaner and it will resolve all the issue of registry to make it function well and properly.

So, just try any of the above mentioned methods to fix and get rid of Error 1335.