Fresh Flowers vs Dry vs Artificial

Fresh Flowers vs Dry vs Artificial

What will it be fresh flowers, dry, or artificial ones? Now here is a dilemma many people have when it comes to choosing the best flower arrangement for a special occasion or just for a home decoration. The decision is easier to make if you consider a few factors such as budgeting or personal taste. But from past experience, you should definitely go with fresh flower arrangements especially if you want to use them as a symbol of your personality and style.

1. Artificial flower arrangements

The majority of people who choose artificial flowers do it because they require no maintenance. All you have to do is put the floral arrangement it in a corner, forget about it and go about your business, because you won’t have to worry about any water spills or having to change the soil or even prune the leaves. So you can simply consider it a part of the static decor of your office or home. Artificial flowers might require a little cleaning every once in a while, but don’t worry too much about it: all you have to do is wipe them with a damp cloth.

Another advantage of purchasing artificial flowers would be the price. Most of the times the cost of artificial flowers is lower than the price of natural flowers, however, remember that the quality often matches the price of the artificial flower product.

Now if you are thinking about giving a gift of artificial flowers to someone dear, think twice before you go shopping. Sure, artificial flowers might last longer, but fresh flower arrangements are truly an expression of love and respect. Would you really want to give a plastic flower arrangement to your wife, mother, or sweetheart? It might last for years, but the memory of that wonderful, fresh flower arrangement will last forever, just as love stays in a person’s soul rather than in objects.

Why would people want to use artificial flower arrangements instead of using natural, fresh, flowers? Well, I can tell you a couple of good reasons. By all means, buy artificial flowers if you are allergic to real ones or if the person to whom you want to give a gift of flowers to is.

Another good reason to choose artificial flowers instead of fresh ones would be location. Yes, the location because if, let’s say, you want fresh roses as an example for your wedding and you live in a remote area, it could be pretty expensive to import them for the ceremony. Just stick with some quality silk roses instead and use the budget for something else. On the other side, think about a wedding on a hot summer day; fresh flowers may wilt because of the summer heat, but artificial ones won’t, but if you are planning everything carefully, you can easily adapt in order to find the best natural flowers for your ceremony. (Find local types of flowers in remote areas and make sure you have refrigeration for the flowers in summer.) It’s up to you to decide whether you want artificial flowers or fresh ones for any occasion.

2. Dried flower arrangements

If you are looking for durability when purchasing a floral arrangement, dried flowers are the closest choice to the natural flowers. This is because dried flowers are still the real thing preserved in a manner that partially maintains the qualities of natural flowers. A variety of natural flowers are dried through several methods, such as: freeze-drying, air-drying, using the microwave or by placing them in silica gel. What’s great about dried flowers is that you can make them yourself, rather that purchasing them.

In most cases, people decide on the type of flowers they want by considering the preservation factor. Want to keep them forever? You have two options:

  • Buy artificial flowers, as their look will never change;
  • Depending on the type of fresh flowers you choose, you can dry them or preserve them either way,they might not look the same in few years.

From my point of view, trying to preserve flowers forever is like trying to stay young forever. They are wonderful and unique while they are fresh, but no matter how much we try to keep them alive, there comes a time when we have to let them go and accept that flowers were meant to bring us beauty and wonderful memories, even if for a short period of time. Why should we go for the artificial flowers when we can enjoy the true thing of beauty, with living colors, stunning fragrances and the miracle of nature?

3. The best choice – fresh flower arrangements

Choosing fresh flowers for your home or for special occasions is always a choice of style and personality. Nature has provided us with so many wonderful flowers, and fortunately, finding the flowers that highlight your personality and taste has become an easy task. Whether you decide to shop for them from the local florist, order them online, or grow your own, you will find that fresh flowers are always the best choice.

Natural flowers have so many things to share, from smells, shapes and colors, they all have something to say – ‘This is a special occasion’. If you love fresh flowers but you don’t want to spend a fortune on them, just buy flowers that are in season locally. This way, you will be able to enjoy the freshness and the wonderful smells anytime you want.

The bottom line when it comes to flower arrangements is that you need to choose what makes you happy. What is the impression you want to create when giving a gift of flowers? What do you want to remember twenty years from now about your wedding? Do you want a house full of life and nature or do you like a more static decor? A fresh arrangement of flowers can make the difference between a dull room and a fresh, stylish room. Think about your preferences when it comes to color, flower smells and types. Check out a few magazines or even talk with your local florist for suggestions, then you will be ready to turn your visions into reality.