Fun Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Fun Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Creating unique baby announcements and baby shower invitations is an excellent way to share your excitement, joy, and personal style with family and friends around the world as you tell everyone about the latest addition to your family. Instead of making yet another trip to the store and coming home with cards that look like everyone else’s, you can use family photographs and dozens of template options to create cards like no other.

Whether you are naturally creative or not, the step-by-step instructions made available by quality providers, along with their wide selection of motifs, color combinations, customizable fonts, and other unique features, make it easy to put together delightful invitations and announcements.

Baby Shower Invitation Basics

All baby shower invitations must include the date, time, and exact address of the shower. They should also contain the name and contact information of the person to whom the R.S. V.P. should be sent. This provides guests with someone other than the guest of honor to talk to regarding gifts, preferences, directions, and other aspects of the event. Any registry information can also be included. Baby announcements, on the other hand, do not include registry information.

Very often, invitations are designed with the color scheme and theme of the shower itself in mind. For example, a Mother Goose shower would be printed in the traditional pastels and feature a Mother Goose rhyme, a sports motif shower would feature an announcement-style invitation decorated with sports equipment and worded as though it were a game monologue, and so on. The organizer can use the color scheme to help select the best possible photo card layout for the cards and then select those special details that make the cards unique and memorable.

Boys Will Be Boys, Girls Will Be Girls

If the gender of the new infant is known, that information can be integrated into the wording. Little girls can be referred to as a little princess, little angel, queen, duchess, or countess, whereas boys can be referred to as a little prince, king, duke, or captain. Popular gender-related phrases and poems can also be used, such as sugar and spice and everything nice, snips, snails, and puppy dog tails, little boy blue, or Mary had a little lamb. These phrases and poems can be modified to create unique baby shower invitations and shower decorating themes that everyone will enjoy.

A Personalized Party

If the gender and name are known, they can also be integrated into the wording. Monogrammed cards add a touch of elegance. For a lighter effect, selecting a theme in which everything starts with the same letter as the new infant’s name. Either way, you can create a highly personalized invitation with just a little help from experts. Using the infant’s name also allows guests to bring gifts that are already personalized with his or her name.

Special Touches

You can add special touches to your invitations and baby announcements with phrases such as ‘special delivery’ or ‘a little birdie told me’. Babies expected near holidays create an additional opportunity: repurposing. Cards originally designed for holidays can be reworded to become extra special baby shower invitations or baby announcements that feature Halloween pumpkins, Christmas decorations, or 4th of July flags and banners, depending upon the time of year.

Puns and plays on words are always fun, and there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your wit when it comes to invitations. A picture of the mom-to-be with the phrase, ‘Love shows’ is sure to bring smiles. A family that already has a son and daughter can create a card that incorporates how they are now expecting a Full House. A parent’s career can be used to create a fun invitation, and comments from siblings are especially humorous and delightful. Big brother or big sister will be pleased to see their words in print as well.

There is no need to limit yourself to traditional colors or card layouts. Post cards, save-a-date cards, pocket cards, and photo cards can all be used for both baby shower invitations and baby announcements. Also, colors are no longer limited to pinks and blues. Many parents today are opting for more natural colors such as browns, yellows, greens, and orange. No longer limited by tradition, you can now create cards unlike any other to announce your one-of-a-kind family member, or even to introduce your new triplets.