Handling Your Wedding Stationery

Handling Your Wedding Stationery

When we talk about wedding stationery, we’re referring to everything from wedding invitations, wedding programs, menu cards, thank you notes, special announcements, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or engagement invitations. There are plenty of services out there which can handle your requests, as far as wedding stationery goes – but why put yourself through additional expenses when you can just as easily create them on your own?

The problem with wedding stationery is that you’ll probably have to handle them as soon as you set a definite date for the event. This should be done in due time because you’ll need to allow time for your guests so that they can clear their schedules and not book any other events at that specific date. Also, you’re probably excited about letting the world know about this beautiful moment in your life, and nobody can blame you for that.

As mentioned before, there are professional services which can handle the creation and distribution of your wedding stationery. You’ll have little to do with it, unless you want to insert some personalized message into them. But if you want to save up on some money and turn it into a more personal experience for you and your guests, then you can easily create your own. Software options are freely and readily available to allow you to do this with a few clicks and little effort. Then you can print them at home or ask someone you know who has a printer to do it for you. Rescale them accordingly so that two can fit into one standard sheet of paper if you want to save up on consumed ink and reduce paper usage.

The fun thing about creating your own wedding stationery is that you can individually edit and customize each of them, depending who it is for. Insert fun messages and pictures and show your guests that you really care about them coming to your reception and ceremony. What’s more, it’ll be a lot cheaper and you’ll also have fun doing it. The money you save can easily fill the bill of your wedding videography services, a photographer’s services or part of the expenses related to your caterer.

One thing you’ll probably need to keep in mind is that you’ll need to figure out a central theme for your wedding. In order to make the whole thing more magical, insert that theme into your wedding stationery as well, enhancing the anticipation of your guests for the ceremony and party that’ll follow. The theme can be underlined through simply adding a color or some pictures relevant to it.