Happily Ever After is Better in Seychelles

Happily Ever After is Better in Seychelles

You’ve watched your friends get engaged, and the blossoming love turning into an ever-growing list of “must do” items that follow in the wake of the announcement. Which venue, what colours, which dress, who to invite, which dress, who will bake the cake, where to honeymoon, WHICH DRESS?! Now that it’s your turn, have you considered turning all the planning over to a team of experts who will do most of the work for you?

The question of where to honeymoon might possibly be the answer to budding wedding planner blues. Why not consider a Seychelles wedding, followed by an idyllic honeymoon surrounded by the romance of the Indian Ocean? When you work with a specialist Seychelles tour operator, their staff can become your personal wedding planner too. With their knowledge of the destination and the ability to advise you on all the options, they are uniquely qualified to help you tailor a wedding and honeymoon to suit your tastes and budget.

Expert Planning

Not to say there won’t be some decisions to make, such as which of the jewel-like islands of Seychelles would be ideal, or should we wed on one island then visit another for the honeymoon? Would you like the backdrop of a sunset on a beach or the cool tropic scene of a specially decorated room at a resort? These and other questions are so easily answered by a Seychelles wedding expert. Beyond their knowledge of the destination, they can guide you through the legalities of securing a Wedding Registrar and marriage certificate.

Luxury Resort or Secluded Island Retreat

If you and your partner love the idea of a luxurious setting for your wedding, a place like Banyan Tree Seychelles might just be the one for you. You will find white-glove, understated and prompt attention catering to your every whim. Banyan Tree Seychelles on the main island of Mahé is an incredible venue for your wedding – and you can choose between a wedding on the beach or in their purpose-built wedding gazebo.

A short boat trip off Mahé lies the private island of Sainte Anne, where the Sainte Anne Resort and Spa has developed a great reputation for helping stage beautiful Seychelles weddings tailored to the bride and groom.

For barefoot luxury, the delights of Desroches Island or Denis Island fit the bill beautifully. Or, for the definitive Seychelles island experience, consider Fregate Island Private or Cousine Island. These islands in Seychelles are as private and exclusive as their names sound. White sand beaches, amazing granite formations, lush foliage and an abundance of luxurious touches in secluded villa locations make them the ultimate in romantic retreats. In fact, if you are considering a Seychelles wedding, the perfect compromise would be selecting one lovely resort for the wedding, then taking a short hop to another island or two for the honeymoon.

If you choose a Seychelles wedding at any of the venues suggested, or find another beautiful Seychelles destination, you can be sure of a perfect start to married life. Of course, there’s one question only you and your best friends can answer – which dress? Expert as they are, your Seychelles specialist operator might find it wise to leave that one well alone!