How to Check the Purity of a Titanium Couple Ring

How to Check the Purity of a Titanium Couple Ring

Wearing the wedding band for both women and men is the most stylish thing and is also considered one of the greatest trends. While women are more bent towards other metals like gold or silver yet the band made from this metal is totally preferred by men. However, selecting standard quality band can be one of the most complicated tasks. If you pay a visit to a jewelry store that houses bands made from this metal then you are likely to get baffled with an abundance of designs that just adds to the confusion of which pair has to be bought. To make a selection that is right, it is advisable that one understands a couple of things before. You have to comprehend factors that make the purest band stand distinct among rings from the same metal or others. Here they are.

Not pure if the weight is tampered with

Determining the purity or excellence of a Titanium couple ring is not easy at all compare to other metals. This is because just like a diamond’s purity is measured in karats similarly gold’s weight in karats is also measurable. This helps in determining the gold’s weight that is used in making it. The very first thing that every buyer must keep in mind us that a band made of this metal doesn’t contain any other metal other than this. It has to contain 99 percent of the metal and by any chance, the amount shows up to be lower than it is impure. Thus, it is indicative of the fact that the bands do not carry qualities true to the metal.

Not pure if plated

Whenever buying a Titanium couple ring, there are usually many kinds of finishes that are offered. Right from satin, sandblast to surfaces that are highly polished are available in this metal bands, however, there is nothing to doubt in there. Perhaps, if your jeweler requests that shall be more than happy to use a plating to protect the metal or any kind of coating then it might be time for you to rethink. You must always go for bands by those stores or jewelers that do not offer for protective plating.

Not pure if attracts magnet easily

One of the simplest techniques is bringing close a magnet to the band, if it is impure then it will get easily attracted to the magnet and stick there. Whenever a magnet is held in front of a band the ring shall not get attached but it gets attached to it easily then you might want to rethink. Often metals like stainless steel are added to lightweight metals like these, that make them impure and as a result, they are attracted by the metal.

Impure if weighs more

You must know the most important fact about the metal and this is that this metal is one of the most lightweight metals present. While shopping for bands if you come across a band that weighs exceedingly more, then this might be some other metal you are purchasing. It is to be remembered that this metal is lightweight extremely and doesn’t seem heavy at all.