Indian Wedding Rituals – A Short Account of the Marriage

Indian Wedding Rituals – A Short Account of the Marriage

India is a wonderful country with countless rituals and traditions and Indian weddings are not an exception. There are a good number of Indian wedding rituals and traditions to solemnize the sacred bonds of marriage. Indian marriages are amazing occasions for eating, feasting and merry-making.

India is a large country with diverse cultures and castes. Indian wedding rituals keep varying according to caste, community and location of the bride and groom. For example you can notice an obvious difference between Hindu weddings, Christian weddings and Muslim weddings. Whatever may be the tradition, the basic motto to wish couples a happy married life remains the same.

Indian wedding rituals have been inherited from the former generations over a long period of time and still considered to be sacred. In due course of time, these traditions have got some modern influence but the basic tenets are still intact. For a better insight into wedding rituals in India we have to go through some of the customs.

Constructing pandal:
Pandals are small open guestrooms made of cardboards, bamboo poles and shinning cloth wrappings. The pandal is further adorned with flowers, lights and other accessories.

Inviting deity:
The couple and their families invite the deity for smooth and hassle free marriage. The bride undergoes a beauty treatment applying a paste of Turmeric and sandal on skin.

Chanting of mantras:
With the chanting of Vedic mantras the week-long wedding proceedings starts in full swing. The couple and their relatives pray to god for a smooth post- marriage life. The prayers also include a desire for children and their well being.

Pani-Grahana, Asmarohana and Lajahoma:

In Pani-Grahana ceremony, the groom holds the bride hands as he is holding her hands for life. In Asmarahona, the groom invokes for firmness of his wife. In Lajahoma ceremony, the groom pours rice in the hands of wife and together they offer the rice to holy god of fire.

In this ritual, the couple takes a round of the sacred fire, asking Lord Agni’s permission for union. After that, they go for the seven rounds around the holy fire.

It is one of the important Indian wedding rituals in which the groom ties the sacred thread around bride’s neck. She wears it throughout her life. Sometimes this thread is embellished with gold and diamond.

Griha pravesham:
It is the ceremony in which bride enters her new home to start a new life. The groom’s family welcomes the bride ceremoniously.

Indian wedding traditions are regarded as sacred affairs and couples willingly follow them with great respect.