Looking for Great Gift Ideas for a Second Wedding Anniversary?

Looking for Great Gift Ideas for a Second Wedding Anniversary?

Anniversary is always an occasion to celebrate togetherness and your bond of love. The tradition of celebrating anniversaries began in medieval times. There is no better way to express your love for the beloved than giving the perfect gift. First anniversary is always a unique experience but this does not make the second or third one less important, rather every year brings itself more understanding and maturity. Most people get stuck with gift ideas for second wedding anniversary because they have now known the person for a longer duration and want to gift them something which is endearing.

The gift theme for second wedding anniversary is generally cotton and china. Cotton represents practicality, flexibility and durability, while China denotes beauty and elegance. They are both traditional concepts yet modern themes. Generally by the time couples reach the phase of second anniversary they become quite familiar with the habits and instincts of their soul mate. So gifting something which explains sensibility and grace makes a great gift.

With respect to cotton there is a wide range of products available. Buying something pertaining to your partner’s interest is a good idea. We can give shirts or jersey of their favorite teams or something that can be worn in the evening dinner on the anniversary day. Monogrammed or personalized towels, photo pillow, blankets, quilts, cotton robes and lingerie all make great gifts. To add an emotional touch we can write poetry or a love song inside the gift wrap.

China is a more modern gift. It is difficult to find a suitable gift for husbands which fits this theme because china is something which is more preferable for ladies. But the items made of china makes a great gift which the couples can cherish in their home for a very long time. It can be china dishes, vases, figurines or sculpture, and pen and pencil, keepsake boxes or photo albums made of china. Gifting a combination of both china and cotton is also a pleasant idea. Like a china vase having handmade cotton flowers. A Poem written on cotton cloth decorated in a china frame. With respect to the gift ideas for second wedding anniversary it is said that the more personalized gift you give the stronger your bond grows.

Gem Stones and Flowers are some of the traditional gifts which can go on any anniversary. Garnet is the official birthstone adopted by American National Association of Jewelers in 1912. Garnet may be given as a Gem on the 2nd and 6th wedding anniversary. Traditionally it is said that garnet has powers of healing and providing strength to a relationship. It is also believed to regulate the heart and blood flow and for curing depression. Some time ago, Garnets were exchanged as gifts between friends to show their love for each other and was symbolic of the idea that they will meet again.

Generally the color of the second anniversary is Lenin white, which represents calmness and awareness regarding the transition. Another way to make this day to memories is to pack a straw basket with lots of goodies, and take it along on a long drive or picnic in the countryside.

Every wedding anniversary is special and personal. Gift ideas for second wedding anniversary require the same spirit and love the way we found our first anniversary gift. It does not matter which anniversary we have reached, what matters is the affection and understanding level we have gained.