Make Your Own Wedding Crafts – 5 Great Ways To Cut Wedding Costs

Make Your Own Wedding Crafts – 5 Great Ways To Cut Wedding Costs

Weddings, though extremely joyous occasions, can become expensive very fast. If you want to hold the prices down as well as add a personal touch to your wedding, you might consider going to wedding crafts.

1. It isn’t all that tough to create your very own wedding veil. For this, you will require a particular length of a bridal illusion that you decide on. Along with this you will require a comb and a headpiece or hat to attach the veil to your hair and hide the comb. You start by sewing large inch long running stitches from one end of the illusion and tightly gather it. Follow by sewing the comb to the veil. Cover the whole with a headpiece or hat. Alternatively you could also use silk flowers, pearls and ribbons to decorate a straw hat that has a wide brim.

2. You can also personally craft the floral arrangements and the bouquet. If you are having a wedding that is simple and outdoor, you can use wild flowers. They have a charm of their own and are free of cost. Arrange the bouquets in large clear vases and tie a bow elegantly around.

3. Another appropriate wedding craft are wedding favors for the invited guests. A well-received and simple favor is a refrigerator magnet. It would be a good idea to make the magnet a picture frame and place in it the couple’s picture. For this, you will want to cut out a frame from craft foam in a suitable color and arrange the photo over it, gluing the whole into a cardboard backing. Magnetic self-adhesive tape can be placed on the cardboard’s back. Finish by decorating the frame with a foil of heart stickers including the couple’s last names on a monogram.

4. Another simple wedding craft are bows that are often placed at the end of rows and pews. For a winder or fall wedding, you can use wide velvet ribbons. If yours is a summer or spring wedding, you might want to go for satin ribbons. You can also loop in some flat lace along with the ribbons. Then attach some pearl sprays and silk flowers to the center of the bow, with the help of some hot glue.

5. You could also try to decorate your own cake. Look for pans and other gadgets of different types in the craft section at your department store, to assist you in creating a cake you will never forget. Don’t forget that you need a steady hand for this. Don’t start on the real cake unless you have practiced first.

Wedding cakes are an expensive business, but with your wedding crafts, you can save up a lot. Early planning is the best as it takes time to make favors for people and for looking into all the other details that have to be taken care of. Maybe when you create wedding crafts, you might even get rid of some of that nervousness. At any rate, when you make your own wedding crafts, you add a beautiful and personal touch to it without losing out on too much money.