My Wife Is Bored With Me! Tips to Help Bring the Excitement Back Into Your Marriage

My Wife Is Bored With Me! Tips to Help Bring the Excitement Back Into Your Marriage

Every woman has some complaint about her marriage. It’s virtually impossible to find a wife who will tell you that everything her husband does for her or each thing he says makes her happy. Marriage is certainly all about learning to balance the good with the bad. It’s, by far, the most complex and intricate dynamic that most of us will ever be involved in. We all strive to make the relationship as fulfilling and balanced as we can. We enter into it with the intention of making it work forever. Granted, forever is a long time and there are bound to be a few storms to tend to in the mix of life’s pleasures. One of those storms cuts right to a man’s ego. Hearing your wife criticize you can cut right to the heart. If she says she’s bored with you, it’s going to not only cause you to feel the bitter sting of her biting words, but you’re going to get a taste of humiliation too.

How are you supposed to respond when your wife tells you that you’re boring? You’re a man who works hard for his family, right? You go to work each day to do the best job you possibly can, you come home to spend time with your wife and kids and then you go to bed so you can do it all over again. Maybe you afford yourself the luxury of a family vacation a week or two a year and perhaps you bring your wife a dozen roses when your wedding anniversary rolls around. You sound like a great guy and you are. The problem is that your wife doesn’t think so any longer.

Your wife has become bored with the relationship and the fact that she expressed that to you is actually a good sign. It doesn’t feel that way given how much it hurts to know that she views you in such an unflattering light. Perhaps she said it during an argument to hurt your feelings or maybe it was more of a reflection when she walked in to see you sitting in front of the television once again lost in the game of the week. Regardless, it’s obvious that you’re not going to remedy this problem by doing what you do every day. Your wife is craving excitement and you’re just the man to give it to her.

Spontaneity is what your wife needs and there are a few ways you can give her that. Start by planning something completely off the wall for the two of you to do together. Maybe you’ll take her on a nature hike at a park that she’s talked about wanting to visit for years. Or perhaps you’ll keep it closer to home when you surprise her with dinner cooked solely by you. Your goal has to become doing things out of the ordinary that you know will put a smile back on her face.

If you’re the kind of man who likes to take things to the extreme than you’ll want to do something that will completely sweep her off her feet. There are a couple of ideas that fit this bill. One is to plan a quiet, intimate second wedding at your home just for your wife, you and your children. Tell her the morning of the big event that you want her to wear her prettiest dress and be ready for a certain time. Then get a beautiful bouquet, some champagne and get yourself into a suit. She’ll be overwhelmed by this and likely will never say you’re boring again.

The other idea, which is just as fun, is to plan an entire weekend away for the two of you. Take care of everything from arranging childcare to reserving airline tickets and a hotel. Again, you’re not going to give her much notice. You want to allow her just enough time to pack and say her goodbyes to the kids before you whisk her out the door towards your weekend adventure for two.

You don’t have to transform into something you’re not to prove to your wife that you’re far from boring. It’s wonderful, though, to keep her guessing by occasionally taking control of your time together and planning outings that will show her that she can’t really predict what you’ve got up your sleeve.