Punjabi Matrimony

Weddings are sacred religious ties not only between the bride and the bridegroom but also their families. We now have specific Punjabi matrimonial websites to cater to the needs of the community. They are lavish and celebrated with great joviality.

Punjabi matrimonial sites are the best place to look for the right match for Punjabis. Punjabis are known to celebrate all occasions with grandeur Punjabi wedding rituals are fun and full of gaiety. These can be divided into three distinct sets.

Pre-Matrimony Rituals:
Roka Ceremony is a small function involving family members and close relatives of both the sides.

Akhand Paath is a three day prayer before the marriage, here the Guru Granth Sahib is read non stop

Shagan: On the Shagan day, the girl’s father applies tilak or tikka on the boy’s forehead and gives gifts and sweets to him, these are known as Shagan or lucky tokens.

Chunni Chadana & Mangni: In this ceremony, the girl is presented a red sari by the boy’s sisters. She dresses up in that sari and the boy’s mother places a red chunni over her head and showers her with accessories like sindoor, bangles etc. and jewellery.

Mehndi and Sangeet: Mehndi brought by the boy’s side is applied in intricate patterns on the hands and feet of the girl and other ladies.

Wedding Rituals:
Chuda Ceremony: Chudas are a set of red and cream ivory bangles that the bride is made to wear by her maternal uncle and aunt. On these chudas are tied light silver and gold ornaments known as Kaliras.

Vatna & Ghara Ghardoli: A paste of vermilion, milk and saffron known as Vatna is applied all over the girl’s body by her female relatives. In the Ghara Ghardoli ceremony, holy water is brought in a pitcher from a nearby temple and the girl is bathed in this holy water.

Sehrabandhi & Ghodi Chadna: Before the groom leaves for the wedding venue, his father or an elderly relative ties a sehra on his head. His sister-in-law lines his eyes with surma and he climbs his ghodi and leaves for his destination.

Milni: When the barat reaches the venue, the bride’s family welcomes the groom’s family with gifts and cash.

Jaimala & Wedding Puja: After the milni, the bride and the groom exchange thick flower garlands. The kanyadaan takes place and the couple takes mangalpheras around the sacred fire.

Post Wedding Rituals:
Vidaar: departure of the bride from her parent’s home, she throws puffed rice over her head which signify that she is returning what she took and her mother tries to catch it in her pallu.

Paani Varna: The groom’s mother performs an arti with a pitcher of water when the bride and groom are at the doorstep of the groom’s house. The bride tries to drink the water in seven attempts but the groom has to allow her to drink in only the seventh attempt. Then the newly wed couple is allowed to enter the house.

Phera Dalna: The next day the newly married couple visits the bride’s family.