Scroll Wedding Cards: The New Wedding Trend!

Scroll Wedding Cards: The New Wedding Trend!

So the special day is about to arrive and you are doing your best to manage everything peacefully. You are probably going crazy trying to find the latest dresses and the trendiest decorations to make your wedding day more special. But, what about wedding cards? Are you going to send out the same old wedding card designs or do you want to get something that is really special and different, yet traditional! Scroll wedding cards are the new form of wedding invites that are making its place in the market. With a royal appearance, classy look and rich texture, scroll wedding cards guarantee uniqueness. If out of the box is what you are looking for, then these scroll wedding invites are probably your best bet. Here in this article, we will take a look at some of the trendiest styles and designs when it comes to scroll wedding invites.

Scroll Wedding Cards: Design and Style Options

Scroll wedding cards are available in a wide ranging variety of designs and styles to choose from. When it comes to selecting the design and style, it basically depends on your preferences, your aesthetic tastes, your requirements and finally your budget. Here are a few design and style options for you to select from:

You could opt for a scroll in portrait form made using tissue and grey board paper. You could choose a tassel made from velvet for tying the scroll, providing a rich look to the wedding invite. Throwing in a silver box to hold the scroll would add a touch of grace to the invite.

Another option is a scroll made up of tissue and pearl cream board paper.Enclosing the scroll in a golden box will give an elegant look to the wedding invite.

If you are looking for something richer in look, scrolls made using imported metallic board and tissue paper could prove to be a good option. Enclosing the scroll invite in a box with the image of the baraat engraved on it adds a traditional and graceful look.

To give your invitee an Indian touch, a scroll made up of tissue paper and gold card could prove to be a good option. Enwrapping the scroll within a golden case further adds to the traditional look.

The most cheap and efficient one is the scroll made up of handmade paper enclosed in a cream box.

Now that you know about the various options available, you can make a more informed choice based on your preferences and requirements.However, there are certain points one needs to keep in mind when choosing scroll wedding cards:

Choose a light weighted card if you are sending the invitee by post.

Design your card keeping the guest list in mind.

Handle with care as the paper can be torn.

Along with the different types of scroll wedding cards available, you could also consider adding personalized gifts like chocolates, sweets, watches, and dry fruits.