The Money and Happiness Link

We all have times when we feel unhappy. If you tend to feel this way more often than not, you probably sit around wondering what it could be that would finally make you feel better. For most people, the obvious thing would be to have more money, or so they think. Money and happiness are somewhat connected, but not in the way that you would think. If you have very little money, you can end up being very happy. You can also go through life with tons of cash and never crack a real smile. Happiness is more complicated (and yet so easy) than just having money.

If you struggle to pay your bills and you can not seem to buy your kids all that they need, you may indeed think about money and happiness. It is true that having the means to pay your bills on time, and being able to buy your daughter that expensive pair of jeans she is dying to have will help you feel better about your life in general, money is not really the root of that happiness. It is just a worry, though a huge one, that you have on your shoulders. Take that away and life is easier, but it does not guarantee that you are suddenly going to be happier.

Money and happiness can go together if you use your money in the right way. If you can find a loan to start your own business, that may mean it has brought you happiness. This is only if you have had a dream for a long time, and this business is all that you have ever wanted. That can bring some happiness into your life. However, that does not mean it will stay. You may find that you hate running your own business, or that the ins and outs of running that business ruin the joy of what you love to do. Even those with a successful business are surprised that it did not bring the happiness they thought it would.

Those that have gone their whole live without money and then get a windfall learn the hard way that money and happiness are not linked. They suddenly have more money than they ever imagined that they would have, and it can really throw their life into a tailspin. Think about all of the stories about those that have won the lottery only to end up broke and divorced. Money is a powerful demon, and if you have not earned it and are not use to having it, it can really mess up your life.

Instead of think about how you can get money to make you happy, think about why you are unhappy. You could be depressed, which is a medical condition?not a state of mind. It sounds corny to say that happiness comes from within and that it comes from enjoying the small things in life, but there is a lot of truth about that. You can have all the money in the world and be just plain miserable. Before you think that money and happiness are intertwined, think about all that you do have in your life and perhaps you will find that happiness was with you all along. You just didn’t know where to look.