Tips For Planning Your 25th Anniversary Party

Tips For Planning Your 25th Anniversary Party

There is a legendary saying “Marriages are made in heaven” which means that God has decided who will be whose spouse. A successful marriage is a result of adjustments, sacrifices and most important love and respect for each other. Very few couples understand the needs of the marriage and lead a happy life. The first important milestone that they come across is the completion of twenty-five years happily. This is the main occasion of celebrating the wedding anniversary. The couple becomes a role model for others. They educate the significance of living together with love, commitment and happiness. They and their children must definitely celebrate this event to make the world understand the values of marriage. Here are some ideas for celebrating this:

· Go for a second honeymoon.

· Celebrating personally by going to lunch and dinner and spending some quality time by remembering the past happy days.

· You can again give words of commitment in the church and can enjoy the feel of being married again.

· Plan for a wonderful party to share your feelings of being as one for many years.

· Children can give a surprise party to their parents.

Things to consider while planning the event:

For a surprise party: A surprise party can be arranged for the beautiful couple by their children. The following tips can be considered for planning the wonderful event.

  1. Pick the date and time for the party without informing the parents.
  2. Choose a location that can relate to their experiences.
  3. Prepare a guest list.
  4. Invitations should be selected and should be mailed to all guests and inform them that this party is a surprise to their parents.
  5. Choose the food type and the time to serve.
  6. Arrange for a photographer to capture moments that can be a remembrance of this silver jubilee anniversary party.
  7. Reveal to the parents about the surprise in such a way that they cannot find out anything about the event until the curtains are raised.

For a non-surprise party: This amazing occasion can be celebrated by the couple themselves. They can plan to throw a party to show their long lasting love in the way of the 25th-anniversary party. Consider the tips laid down for throwing the party:

  1. Based on the budget, choose the time for the get-together.
  2. Search for the appropriate location such as ballroom, at home or at the church hall.
  3. Decide upon the clothes that you will wear on that day.
  4. Select a nice gift for your spouse. Something related to silver as it resemblances the 25th wedding anniversary.
  5. Invite all your family, friends and group circle to enjoy the bash with you. You can prepare your own card and can add a touch of silver to it.
  6. Prepare or order a cake.
  7. Decide the type of food you wish to serve, the decoration and the kind of lights you want.
  8. Enjoy the happiness of being together for such a long time.