Tips On How to Personalize Your Wedding To Make It Special

Tips On How to Personalize Your Wedding To Make It Special

Having a great and wonderful wedding is everyone’s dream be it men or women. We always make sure that our wedding is unique for it only happens once in our lifetime. To make it special it should have a meticulous review to every details of the program. Do not forget to include moments that are memorable and significant to you and to your fiancée. To make this happen here are some tips on how to have a delicate, exceptional touches to your reception and ceremony.

1. Write Your own Wedding Vows
Writing your own marriage vows really make a difference. It is good to write and read your own wedding vows during the ceremony because every single word written is definitely sincere and coming from the heart.

2. Burn your favourite songs in a CD.
Have this play on your reception or even make multiple copies and hand it out as souvenirs. Make a note in a piece of paper telling the significance of those songs in your relationship.

3. Be unique with the throwing of boquet.
Instead of doing traditional throwing up your bouquet, you can make it different by giving it to your mother or to a dear friend or mentor during your reception. Don’t forget to reserve an additional bouquet for your groom to be given to his mother all together.

4. Request for wishes and prayers.
Since it is your special day, you can request the guests to write some wishes and prayers for you in a piece of paper placed in a flower basket and collect them all and compile them in a scrapbook.

5. Express gratitude to your friends and family.
Usually wedding reception programs focus only to the couple and some friends would deliver speeches. This time give time to the guests to participate. Create a video of you and your fiancé mentioning those people who have great influence in you and taught you what true love means. Acknowledge friends who’ve established genuine loyalty, or family members who made great sacrifices for you. Combine your video together with their pictures. This is your opportunity to express how much you value and cherish their support.

6. Acknowledge family members who passed away
If you have close friend or a family member who passed away, make him/her a part of the celebration by clipping in a tiny picture in your bouquet, or have a special lighting candle at the church to give her/him a tribute.

If you have ethnic ancestry, you can integrate a marriage ceremony of your culture into your wedding ceremony or during your reception program.

7. Wear an heirloom.
For instance, you can wear your grandmother’s veil, or use the locket owned by your mother. This is a brilliant way of portraying a sense of permanence between generations, commemorating your own family even if you are about to separate from them.

8. Prepare an Audio-Video presentation for your Last Dance
Make ready of the audio-video to present during the last dance of the bride with the father. This can be just a simple mosaic of childhood photos. Definitely tear-jerker! If you have kids, let them feel like they are part of the new family by requesting them to stand next to you while saying your vows. Create your give aways very unique for instance if you plan to give picture frame as giveaways write your marriage vow in a piece of paper and place it in the picture frame.