Tips on Strategies to Create Free Printable Wedding Invitations That Look Superb

Tips on Strategies to Create Free Printable Wedding Invitations That Look Superb

Free printable wedding invitations can be found all over the Internet, or you can even design your own. But, can you make them look good? From the paper you use to the quality of printing, it all affects the final printed product.

So, what are the tricks and tips that can take a ink-jet printed wedding invitation from shoddy to professional? To find out, keep reading and you’ll learn exactly what is involved in turning free, printable wedding invitations into classic, professional-looking masterpieces.

Buy a High-Quality Paper Stock

When you go to print out your wedding invitations, you’re not going to reach for a no-name package of copier paper. Instead, you want to invest in a heavy card stock that has texture, weight and an expensive feel. Not only will your wedding invitations be more substantial and durable, they’ll also look better. Aim for at least an 80lb card stock.

When buying card stock, you can purchase pre-cut card stock which is already laser cut into a classic invitation shape. These kits typically also come with matching envelopes and RSVP cards, though they can be expensive. Alternatively, you can buy plain, uncut card stock and cut it yourself, but be sure to use a reliable paper cutter for a clean and straight cut every time.

Print With a Dependable Printer

The last thing you want is for your home-printed wedding invitations to be marred by streaks and running lines of ink. If you have problems with your printer, whether it’s frequent paper jams or streaking ink lines, you may want to ask a friend if you can use theirs or have the invitations copied at a copy shop with laser printers or copiers.

Add an Embellishment

While sometimes a simple piece of white card stock with a well-worded and well-placed message can make a strong and classic impact, you may want to dress your wedding invitations up with a few embellishments.

Try adding a small bow at the top, or affixing a small charm or die-cut paper charm (these can often be found at scrapbooking stores). A style that’s become increasingly popular is to print your wedding invitations on vellum paper, which is see-through and creates a soft, ghosted effect.

Pick a Font That’s Clear

While many free printable wedding invitations are great – offering wording suggestions, pre-formatted layouts and more – you need to be careful with the font selection. Look for an invitation that has a clear and easy-to-read font. Remember, a script font may look pretty and classic, but it could be a nightmare to decipher.