Tokens of Thanks: Easy Yet Thoughtful Bridal Party Gifts

Tokens of Thanks: Easy Yet Thoughtful Bridal Party Gifts

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life.  It is a day that takes many months of careful planning and the help and support of friends and family members.  Because they know they cannot do it all on their own, one of the first decisions an engaged couple makes is to choose the bridal party. The bride-to-be selects her bridesmaids and the groom-to-be picks his groomsmen.

Being asked to be a bridesmaid or a groomsman is a great honor. It means that the couple wants you to stand with them on the most important day of their lives. Although the job may seem simple, a lot of posing for pictures and some standing around, members of the bridal party are often intimately involved in the planning of the wedding, especially the bridesmaids.

Of course, their main responsibility is to offer emotion support to the bride-to-be. As you might expect, planning a wedding can and often is quite stressful. The bridesmaids should be there to offer as much help as their friend needs. This can include anything from helping her scout reception sites to offering opinions and advice on floral patterns and the wedding dress.

On her big day, the bridesmaids must help the bride get ready to walk down the aisle. This may mean giving her a last-minute pep talk if she experiences pre-wedding jitters. Before the ceremony, the bridesmaids are generally assigned little jobs like helping people find their seats or making sure guests with special needs are comfortable. During the actual ceremony, it is often the responsibility of the maid of honor, the top bridesmaid, to hold the rings.

For all of their support and many months of dress fittings and words of wisdom and advice, the bridesmaids are traditionally rewarded with bridal party gifts. In the next few paragraphs, we will discuss some unique ideas for bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts. No, we haven’t forgotten about the fellows! But since the girls are much harder to shop for, we’ll to start with them.

Bridesmaid gifts can be practical, traditional, kitschy, or sentimental. Just make sure that they are personal.  When shopping for a gift, think about what each girl needs. If, for instance, you have a bridesmaid who is a little short on cash, it may be a good idea to pay for her dress. Wedding-related gifts are a nice way to say “thank you” without putting them in an embarrassing or awkward situation. Giving each bridesmaid a gift certificate to the bridal salon is often appreciated even more than a small gift.

Matching jewelry that the girls can wear on the wedding day is another thoughtful gift. Of course, price is always a consideration. A simple necklace with each bridesmaid’s name or first initial dangling from it is nice personal touch. We suggest you stay away from the traditional faux pearl necklace. Not only are they impersonal, but they can be difficult to coordinate with certain outfits.

Probably the most popular and inexpensive bridesmaid gifts are personalized ones, meaning items that are monogrammed, embossed, or engraved. Picture frames, robes, flasks, diaries, tote bags, or photo albums with the names or initials of each bridesmaid on them are small mementos that can serve as a nice secondary gift.

If the bride-to-be has the time and the skill, she may also choose to make a gift on her own. Handmade bridesmaid gifts are among the most personal because they are made especially for each girl. Knitted sweaters, hats, or mittens make a great gift for bridesmaids who are attending a winter wedding.  Handmade jewelry is another can’t-miss gift.

For brides-to-be who have a larger than average bridal budget, each girl will surely treasure a new designer handbag. Yes, these bags can be quite expensive. But huge discounts of up to eighty percent can be found at discount outlets.  Take a daytrip with your maid of honor and choose a bag that each bridesmaid will enjoy.

Last but not least, we want to talk about edible gifts. These are presents that you can be certain will go to good use. Here are a few basic ideas: a bottle of each girl’s favorite wine, a fresh fruit basket, a selection of gourmet coffee, a martini set with cocktail recipes, or a gift certificate to the bridesmaid’s favorite restaurant.
Now, what about the guys? Since men are, well, men…gifts for groomsmen tend to be far less sentimental.

 The groom-to-be may give his buddies a nice pair of silver cufflinks to wear to the wedding or a money clip with his initials on it. Those with deep pockets may buy their groomsmen a nice wrist or pocket watch to thank them.  But the single most popular gift for grooms-to-be to give to their pals is a monogrammed silver flask.  Check the pockets of the groomsmen at the next wedding you attend, we guarantee you’ll find at least one.