Wedding In Aruba Tips

The beautiful country of Aruba lies 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela as one of the top honeymoon spot in the world. But have you ever though about having your cake and eating it too? I am talking figurately, not literally; however, when dealing with weddings, there is a lot of cake involved. I am talking about getting married on this beautiful island. With its beautiful weather, and vibrant lifestyle, Aruba is a great place to consider when getting married on a resort island.

Aruban style wedding and below we have given you info on how things work and what applies:

First off, Aruba has exceptional hotels to accommodate multiple guests wanting to come and see you get married. This is important because you will need to note that different people have different budgets, and with Aruba, the fluctuation of giving people a choice of hotels is great.

Some hotels in Aruba include:

– Hyatt Regency Aruba

– Bucuti

– Divi Aruba

What is great about Aruba is the ability to capture a very contemporary feel, with all the great hotels, casinos, restaurants while still maintaining there classical elements such as museums and historical monuments.

The one museum to visit when in Aruba is Aruba’s historical museum, gold granulate ruins of Bushiribana and Balashi, and Indian petroglyphs will deception those with an attraction in the older.

Now that you have brought your guests to Aruba to celebrate your wedding with Babylon Productions Wedding Centre, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, you have to be able to give them something else to do besides just your wedding. I mean, come on, your wedding will last a few hours, no more than one day, so with a few days left, what else is there to do besides sun, swimming and eating; SHOPPING!

Aruba boasts local shopping malls with great gifts and products things like native crafts, made from all over the continent of South America as well as international reserves in Oranjestad and at the Alhambra Shopping fair, Midtown Mall, and docks Marketplace.

Aruba also boasts great cuisine and with over 100 restaurants on the island, and varieties from French to Japanese to Mediterranean to native island dishes. Sweethearts with pleasing tooths can end a meal with kesio (Aruban flan) or take away a few pieces of cocada, a toffee made from coconuts. This place has a great backdrop to escape your regular routine and get married in Aruba. It has a lot to offer for all parties involved when dealing with flying guests in and accommodating them. So Aruba should be tops on your list, if you are planning an exotic wedding celebration.