Wedding Videographers – A Price Evaluation

Wedding Videographers – A Price Evaluation

Many brides and grooms cringe as they begin searching for a wedding videographer. They still want to capture their beautiful day on film, but prefer to not take out a loan to do it. In general, weddings can be very cost prohibitive, so make sure you use your limited funds wisely. The first thing you will notice as you search for wedding videographers is a range of prices. Only select a videographer that will produce quality fit for the price you pay!

The Truth about Wedding Finances

The prices may look high, but there is something you must keep in mind. No matter which vendor you are looking into, be it the wedding videographer, the caterer, or a photographer, the prices are often inflated when dealing with a wedding. This is done for a couple reasons.

The first is because a wedding can be a stressful event to deal with and requires patience and knowledge to cover well. Unlike other types of events, there is pressure put on because this is viewed as a “once in a lifetime” occasion. The other, less desirable reason, is simply because they can get away with it. Many brides and grooms expect the wedding to be pricy and are less inclined to question a high rate. They often mistake a high price as a guarantee of high quality.

What you Should Pay for when Selecting a Videographer

Lets’ start with what you should be paying for when you select a videographer. Your best bet will be to choose the professional based on their skill, experience and talent. This will be easily identifiable through sample clips from previous weddings the videographer covered. Also consider the differences between independent wedding videographers versus studios.

In some cases, a company may charge thousands but only pay the videographer a fraction of that. In reality, when going with a large studio, you may be paying more for their advertising and offices rather than the quality and skill of the wedding videographer who works with you at the event. That is not to say that independent wedding videographers won’t charge thousands, but at least you are paying for talent rather than overhead.

What you should Not Pay for When Selecting a Wedding Videographer

Do you notice that the list of benefits or highlights offered by the wedding videographer you are considering seems to be mostly technical in nature? Some professionals will hike up their package prices, listing fancy things like expensive recording equipment and templates used for editing. These are cost of business items and do not justify a high price. In fact, some of these items may only be used for convenience of the videographer rather than enhancing the finished wedding video for the bride and groom.

How much should you Pay?

Every couple is in a different financial situation. Some may have mom and dad picking up the check while others are entirely responsible for the financial end of the event. How much you should pay depends on what your budget dictates versus what you want to get from the wedding videographer. Finding the perfect balance is important. Do not be swayed by a low rate, either. Always check references and previous work samples to guarantee a good quality wedding video that you can afford!