What Are Some Typical Compromises Involved In Indian Marriages

What Are Some Typical Compromises Involved In Indian Marriages

As much as people want to get married to someone they have been in love with for a long time, there is still a vast majority of people who prefer arranged marriage after they are done with love and dating. In fact, while dating someone, many have a clear idea in their minds that this is a temporary phase of life and when they decide to settle down permanently, they opt for an arranged marriage.

And then there are many of those as well who manage to marry the person they love, but even then, a lot of things change after their relationship status changes from ‘dating’ to ‘married’.

Here is a list of sacrifices that people usually have to make in order to make an Indian marriage work:

1. Passion
In bachelorhood, we all have a few things we are passionate about from the core of our hearts like our love for travelling, adventure, sports, collecting things etc. but as soon as people get married, they consider it an implied necessity that they need to give up that passion in order to settle down with that one person.

2. Food
This is a pretty common sacrifice people have to make. Sometimes, after marriage, you have to adjust with someone who may have eating habits quite different from yours. For example, you may be a non-vegetarian and you might have to live with a vegetarian. In that case, it’s highly likely that s/he might not like to have non-vegetarian food cooked and eaten in the house. So in the long run, you will have to sacrifice your favorite dish. Similarly, if you are a North Indian and you have to settle with someone from South India or vice versa, you will have to change the dishes you eat on a daily basis to suit the needs of the both of you.

3. Dress Style
You might have followed a certain style of clothing in your college days and even after that but once you get married, you are expected to look married. This may seem ridiculous to some but girls will relate to this issue more than the boys. Your dress style changes from cool to decent without you noticing it after you get married. If you still don’t believe it, just observe your friends who have been married for more than a few months and you will definitely notice a change in the way they have been dressing up after they got married.

4. Things You Spend Money On
Remember that expensive bike you purchased on EMI or that expensive dress you always wanted to wear and you spent money on it without thinking twice as soon as got your first job? Well, this is certainly going to change after you get married. You start to feel financially insecure after you get married because you can foresee the responsibilities that are about to come your way and it becomes important that you save as much as you can in order to avoid worries when you need money the most. So it becomes mandatory to stop spending money on things you need less than you want them and smart couples soon learn to prioritize their expenses according to their income.

5. Friendships
No matter what a good understanding you two share, friendships are very difficult to maintain in the same form after you get married because your priorities drastically change. No one can tolerate his/her life partner giving more time and importance to his/her friends than his/her husband/wife and there is nothing wrong with it. It is okay to hang out with your old buddies every once in a while but you can’t be busy calling, texting or hanging out with them every weekend anymore. It is only fair that you learn to make your partner your top priority and put your friends in the less important section of your life. This is a sacrifice that must be made if you want your marriage to work.

6. Ex-BF/GF
Wise people usually do not stay in touch with their exes after breakups in order to avoid complications but there are some who just can not accept the idea of staying away from their exes forever. They keep clinging on to them for reasons only they can understand and this creates nothing but awkwardness and tensions between them and their partners in the future. So this is the only kind of sacrifice that you should be happy to make and people do have to make it sooner than later if they want their marriage to work.

7. Affinity To Parents And Siblings
However, most of us get used to the idea of staying away from our parents and siblings by the time we start studying in colleges or when we start to work, but there are still some who just can not grow up and accept that their roles in their lives change with time. It is not that it is wrong to stay close to your parents and siblings but once a new person is involved in your life to whom you have promised to spend the rest of your life with, it becomes important that you give him/her the space s/he deserves and make yourself and your parents and siblings aware of this fact. You have to make this sacrifice, no matter how hard it is for you, to make your marriage work.

8. Daily Habits
Last but not the least, you have to change your daily habits in order to adjust with your partner. No more things lying on the floor and wearing the same night clothes for a week. You can not just expect things to work like they used to when you were living with your parents or alone. You have to act like a responsible person and make sure that the person living with you doesn’t feel uncomfortable just because you are not doing what is expected of you. This is the sacrifice you must make right away as soon as you get married.

Planning to get married in India? Then be ready to make these sacrifices!