What Every Bride Should Know About Her Wedding Budget! Save a Bundle on Wedding Costs

What Every Bride Should Know About Her Wedding Budget! Save a Bundle on Wedding Costs

Are you are struggling managing your wedding? It’s not your fault and you are not alone! Designing a wedding budget is naturally the most challenging part of your wedding planning experience because it will be the driving force behind all of your decisions! Those who think that hiring a wedding planner will drill a hole in an already tight wedding budget should think again.

Hiring an experienced wedding planner can cut costs, ensures a flawless execution of your wedding and will provide you with VIP access to many wedding planning resources. When it comes to planning your wedding, consider some advice on breaking the most common stereotype associated with hiring help for your big event.

Does the below sound familiar?

“Wedding planners are hired by the rich & famous and are too expensive for the average couple getting married.” Consider the following: The fee of a planner is typically a percent of your wedding budget. The fee will vary depending on the complexity your wedding scheme and can range from 10% to 20%. An experienced wedding planner can actually help lower the costs of your wedding.

Here is how:

o They can negotiate better deals with vendors on their clients’ behalf. For example: The cost of the venue for your wedding will hold a large percentage of your budget. Details need to be negotiated up front, so a planner can save you up to 20% per guest. Imagine paying $120 per head vs. $150? That’s a savings of $3,000 for a wedding party with 100 guests!

o They have an experienced eye for last minute costs that are typically NOT discussed by various vendors and can be traps for the happy couple. Research shows that a typical couple goes over the budget by at least 10%, so a planner can help you stay within your budget. A great planner can help you actually stay under your wedding budget.

o They will help you stay focused and organized which will help you avoid impulse purchases or spending your money on items or services that you don’t really need. Nine out of ten brides admit that they were extremely stressed out on their wedding day. It takes more than a positive attitude to produce a wedding. Stress drives poor judgment; poor judgment drives poor decision making which can drive your wedding budget way over!

After factoring in all the benefits of a hiring a planner you can actually save on necessities for wedding which can save you up to 30%, making the 10% fee of the planner a minor cost in comparison to the money you would have spent without them….PLUS you have a professional coordinating your wedding! Sounds like a win/win scenario.