What to Do on Your Honeymoon

Honeymoons are something that most soon to be married couples look forward to. Not every couple decides to go on a honeymoon but most newlyweds do. Honeymoon planning is something both the bride and the groom can take part in to ensure that both of you enjoy your trip. Some couples have a limited budget while others spare no expense. Most couples stress themselves out over how little money they have to spend on their honeymoon. No matter how much or little you have to spend you should make sure that your trip is centered on your new marriage, and focused on the beginning of the new journey you will take together. A honeymoon will be made great with the time you spend together making happy memories not necessarily on the place you go or the money you spend on the vacation. Don’t let finances burden this special time.

Some cheap honeymoon ideas can include not traveling far from home. If you stay local many times the honeymoon will be more focused on your love anyway. Search for good honeymoon vacation packages, and sometimes waiting till the last minute can make honeymoon resorts drop prices. Consider taking some time to wait after the wedding. By doing this you give yourselves the chance to earn more money and planning can be less stressful as you will not be planning a wedding at the same time as a honeymoon.

Ask close family and friends to pool money as a bridal shower present instead of gifts. Obviously you can not register for this type of present, but if you consult with your parents, grandparents, close family and friends and explain to them their motives. Consider cheaper trips such as camping, if you and your partner are both outdoorsy this can be a perfect idea to cheapen the cost.

Many popular honeymoon destinations are in tropical types of locations. Many couples have dreams of laying on the beach, sipping tropical drinks, dining on fine cuisines, and then retiring to their honeymoon suite afterward. Beach honeymoons are very popular, and can be considerably cheaper if you have a destination wedding at the same location. Some of the most popular locations for beach honeymoons are: Hawaii, Jamaica, The Bahamas, The Dominican Republic, Tahiti, Fiji, and many others.

Some couples decide that the beach scene isn’t quite for them. Many other popular locations for honeymoons are: Italy, Paris, France, Ireland, or a destination that suits an interest you both share. Many times when planning your honeymoon you should look for all inclusive prices as sometimes most of the expense seems to go to meals and drinks. If you are planning a honeymoon at the same time as your wedding sometimes the stress level is so intense a few things can be overlooked. Make sure first and foremost that you have the necessary documentation to enter and leave the countries you will be visiting.