Wild About Fresh Wholesale Flowers

Wild About Fresh Wholesale Flowers

Loco for lilies? Giddy about gerbera daisies? Just imagine having hundreds of your favorite flowers at your fingertips…the possibilities are endless! Flowers are perhaps the easiest way to add instant style and flair to any occasion. Whether you are seeking wedding flowers, throwing a casual dinner party or a stylish fête, fresh wholesale flowers can create just the right ambiance.

But there is nothing worse than having your bouquet wilt after only a few days. Sadly, this is often the case with fresh cut wholesale flowers purchased from the grocery store or even the local wholesaler, cost not withstanding. The flowers are not the problem…it’s the source.

So why settle for days-old flowers when you could brighten up your next event with fresh wholesale flowers cut to order and delivered directly to your door for pennies a piece? If you are like most, you never knew you had a choice. Enter online flowers, a breath of fresh air in today’s wholesale floral industry.

Flowers ordered online are often much fresher than wholesale flowers or wedding flowers you would find at your local florist, grocery store or even wholesaler. Online flower orders are often placed at the farm level and shipped directly to your door – at no point are the flowers warehoused or brokered.

The typical supply chain is as follows… At the end of a flower grower’s day, all previously cut flowers that are not sold directly to major outlets are then shipped to auctions or wholesalers throughout the United States. These are in turn sold to florists and wholesalers who stock them as inventory until they can be sold to consumers. In fact, using these traditional distribution channels, it may take up to 15 days for the flowers to get from the grower to you. During this time, the flowers are handled by many different people, and experience a variety of temperature changes. It’s no surprise then that the flowers last only a short time after you bring them home!

Online florists understand the harvesting, post-harvesting, and shipping processes of fresh-cut wholesale flowers and wedding flowers, as well as where improvements can be made. Working closely with the best farms and cargo agencies in Central America, South America, and the United States, online florists are able to ensure fast, safe and secure shipping. Flowers arrive in an early blooming stage, and can last up to 2 weeks with proper care.

Unlike traditional wholesalers and retailers, where you are limited to the product that they have in stock at that moment, many online florists allow you to choose from an unlimited supply of fresh wholesale flowers and wedding flowers that will be cut to your exact specifications.

Customize your order to reflect your unique personality or special occasion. Gerbera daisies, which originated in Africa, are vivacious and celebratory and available in a dazzling array of cheerful colors. Lilies, striking and trumpet-shaped, are one of the oldest flowers known to man. Throughout the ages, these have been a popular motif in both religious and secular art, and are sure to add elegance to any event. Snapdragons are old-fashioned favorites native to the Mediterranean, their height adding drama to floral arrangements.

But these are just a few of the many wholesale flowers and wedding flowers you can choose from. Your selection is limited only by your imagination. Here are just a few ideas of great floral events that you can plan using flowers purchased online:

Festive Outdoor Fiesta: Hot pink roses, orange snapdragons and red gerbera daisies generate a joyful and exciting environment so that your party continues long into the night.

Elegant Wine and Cheese Affair: Classic white Oriental lilies in simple clear glass vases create a tranquil atmosphere that allows your guests to relax and enjoy the evening.

Casual Dinner Party: Blue delphinium, green Bells of Ireland, and pink spray roses produce a stylish and friendly mood that perfectly complements your good food and spirited conversation.